Finance, 2nd year

List of activities (topics for discussion) to have in English classes:


1. Business vocabulary


2. Art discussions, reports about special art events - Andrey Ovchinnikov together with Kirill Kirillov have made a presentation about Sretenka Design Week (please upload your pictures!)


3. Environment protection - See: Tamara (Fin2) - Environment protection.pptx


4. Extreme sports: vocabulary / discussion


5. Movies: discussion/watching


6. Personal problems


7. Advice about reading some books in English (abridged or original)


8. Correspondence (CV/letter/e-mail) / useful expressions for meetings/presentations/negotiations


9. Music: discussions/singing songs - See: Andrey Ovchinnikov - The Kooks - By My Side.docx + 06. The Kooks - By My Side.mp3


See: Programme: Finance, 3d term


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