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SKD, 2nd year

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Topic 2. International Terrorism. Students' presentations:

Mila Sinelnikova - Terrorism.ppt

Masha Zhigalina - Terrorism.pptx

Lena Doglyad - Terrorism.pptx

Khovanskaya-SKD-Global problems .ppt

Kondratjeva Nastja-SKD-Pollution.ppt

Khovanskaya-SKD-Weapons of mass destruction.ppt

Kseniya Charikova - Terrorism.pptx


Topic 3. Career. Students' presentations:

SKD2-Madonna Oganesyan, Career.pptx

Charikova Xeniya-SKD-Career.pptx

Khovanskaya-SKD-Career .ppt


Sinelnikova Mila-SKD-The Moscow Employment Service.ppt

Botkova Vika-SKD-Choosing a career.ppt


Additional Topic. Food

SKD2-Kseniya Charikova, Food in the UK.pptx

SKD2-Madonna Oganesyan, English Cuisine.pptx

SKD2-Tatiana Levina, EATING DISORDERS.ppt

Lena Doglyad SKD You are what you eat.pptx

Vika Botkova SKD Food.ppt

SKD2-Masha Zhigalina, Recipe.pptx

SKD2, Recipe.ppt

SKD2-Helen Doglyad, Recipe.pptx



List of activities (topics for discussion) to have in English classes:


1. Useful phrases: Relations, love affairs


2. Everyday English: At the doctor's / at the chemist's - See: you-should-see-a-doctor.doc / what-are-the-symptoms.doc / vocabulary.doc / 10c.doc / Doc1.docx / inju.pdf


3. Everyday English:  In a hotel


4. Everyday English: Directions


5. Everyday English: In a cafe


6. Everyday English: Passport control


7. Slang / Teenager's slang


8. Phrasal verbs


9. American English


10. To speak English fluently


see: Programme: SKD, 3d term


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