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Task No 1.




Task No 2. 


Task No 3. 

Uniqlo Co., Ltd.  is a Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer. 

Uniqlo was launched  in 1949 as "Men's shop" and  in the beginning it produced clothes only for men. Just in 1985 they opened a unisex casual wear store. At this they stopped using the name "Men's shop" and started calling their company "Uniqlo" (as a contraction of "unique clothing"). They expanded very fast and by April 1994, there were over 100 Uniqlo stores operating throughout Japan. Now Uniqlo is one of the most famous, successful and qualitative clothing manufacturer of the World.


Task No 1. a) one thing I've never done but would like to do;


 Sometimes I think: what would happen If I were another person? Another life, another character, another apperance.. I would like to be another person only for a day, to feel different and to see with different eyes. I think it would be very interesting.


 b) one thing I've done many times and advise everyone to do;


 I`ve written a few books about love between human girl and vampire. It`s not `Twilight` but this novel inspired me. There are people, vampires and werwolves. Now I`m writting about my heroes son, his name`s Alan. He`s a half-blood, he`s not the only one. He has a sister, her name`s Celin. Their lives are full of adventures. I advise everyone to be creative.



c) one thing I've done recently;


Recently I`ve come across something unusual. Don`t be afraid, it`s only a cat. But what a cat! Have you ever heard about the breed which named Sphinks? These cats have bare skin,long triangular ears and big green eyes. So they`re very thin. Honestly I didn`t like them before, but now I guess they`re nice.



 d) one thing  I`m spending more time on than two years ago.


 All students will agree with me If I say we work with computers more because we make reports and different presentations.

Task No.2 

Record audio or upload mp3 >>

Hi everyone! My name`s Valya. I`m 18, but my birthday`s coming soon and I will be 19. Yeah!

 I`m a first year student at University and I really like student life! People of my group are amazing! They are funny especially when they`re sleepy.

I live in Mikhnevo, it`s a little town in Moscow region. My family consists of six people: my grandmother, my mum, my uncle, my two sisters and me. Also we have three cats and a big dog, but I prefer cats, you can even call me `ailurophile`.

I`m always on the go and am keen on sports. I like swimming, ice-skating and riding a bike.

So, that`s all about me. Bye!





Task No.3



I live in Mikhnevo, it`s a little town, maybe it`s even a village. Mikhnevo`s in the Moscow region but a bit in the West.  A population there is about 20.000.

Moscow Region is famous for his beautiful  places, but Mikhnevo is the most beautiful one. There`s a harmony between modern and old architecture, and people and the Nature.

But unfortunately people there are not too friendly and talkative. In turn you can really relax on your holidays here. The Nature is wonderful, and no-one will ask you to do anything. This is a good place for young people too. There are many coffee bars, clubs and shops. You may spend your time very well. Come here, you won`t be disappointed.



Task No.4

Audio recording and upload >>


-Excuse me. I got Lost.

-Ok, where are you going?

-Could you tell me how to get to Tretekovskaiy gallery?

-Well, you could get there by metro.

-How long will it take?

-It will take only 12 min. by metro and ten on foot. Do you know where the metro station is?

-No, how can I get to the metro station?

-Turn right near the green building then go straight ahead and it will be in front of you. It's not far.

-Which station do I need?

-It's name is Tretyiakovskaya.

-Thank you.

-You're welcome! Have a nice time.

-Thank you. 

Task No.5.

This summer I`m going to go to St. Petersburg because it`s one of the most beautiful city in the world. I went to there once and I was impressed.  I`m planning to stay with my aunt one week or two and maybe a little more. I want to go there with my best friend, but I won`t take short views and say for him. I`m going to go sightseeing and watching the leaf bridges, to visit places where people make a wish and to spend a few days to Hermitage. Also I`m going to Peterhof, it`s a big city near St. Petersburg. There are many fountains, gold statues and huge palaces where the emperors lived. I`m looking forward to summer! =)



Task No.6



    1. One of the best books I`ve ever read.

`The Host` by Stephanie Mayer is the best book I`ve ever read.  Because the plot makes you think about your life, who you are, why and for what you live for? I advise everyone to read this book everyone.


2.  The meanest person I know

It may seem strange but the meanest person I know is my cousin. She`s nice but If I ask her things she never gives them to me



     3. The most boring sport I`ve ever watched.

I think it`s curling because it looks too stupid.



   4. The worst film I`ve seen this year.

I saw this film not so long ago. It`s called `Neowolf`. The plot is awful, werewolves are people covered with  tufts of fur. It was  ridiculous.


  5. The worst programme on TV at the moment


            Almost programmes are bad. But the only one really makes me angry is the programme called `Let`s get married`. I don`t know why but that`s so.




Task No.7



Let me tell you about this photo. It was taken by my mum about four years ago.

You can see at the photo a little girl sitting on the motor scooter. She was one year old. Her name`s Arina, but I call her Ariel in English.

 My mum, she and me went for a walk. And then she saw it. Yeah, it was love at first sight!

Ariel couldn’t speak yet but I understood her. I helped her to straddle my motor scooter.

At the photo she looked very serious, but actually she was very happy.

If you look closely you can see me at the photo. I`m behind Ariel.

Task No.8


1) Do I find it difficult to remember people`s names? 


Yes, I do. It`s very difficult especially for me because I`m good at remembering faces and not names. I don`t remember even a few people`s names despite the fact I`ve known them a long time.


2) When was the last time I promised not to come late?



  I always promise not to come late. My mum worries about me very much and I try not to make her nervous.


3)Have I decided to go anywhere next summer?


Yes, I`ve decided to go to St. Petersburg. I love this city very much.



Task No. 9

1)Something I like doing with my family


I like watching TV with my family in the evenings but unfortunately this is a rare.


2)Something I love doing in the summer





I love going for walk with my friends or family, swimming in a pool, cycling, eating ice-cream, going to the beach and sunbathing. Summer is wonderful time for these things.






3)Somebody I dream of meeting


Ahah.. This is a secret. Ok, I`m kidding. I dream of meeting Johnny Depp. He’ s my favorite actor and I saw all his films. The first film I saw with him was “Sleepy Hollow” and then I follow for another films with this amazing actor. I’m impressed by his talent and charisma.


4)Something I don’t like doing alone


I don’t like watching films alone. I need a company to discuss and to comment some moments in the film. It’s always fine.


5)A country I`m interested in visiting


A country I’m interested in visiting is Great Britain. I`d like to visit it because I hear many good comments about the country from my best friend. She`s been to London twice and she`s going to go to there after her exams. I think this is a great opportunity to learn English with English traditions. 



Task No.10


From: Valentina Orlova [wendyoriwellfos@gmail.com]

To: Alessandra [alessandra@andes.com.ar]
Subject: Hello from Russia


Hello Alessandra,


My name`s Valya. My father gave me it, because my grandfather and garndmother had it. Now I live in Moscow, but I was born in Mikhnevo, a little town in Moscow Region. My family consists of six people: my grandmother, my mother, my uncle, two sisters and me. I love them very-very much and I miss too. I spend all my weekend with them.


I`m 18 and I`m a student. I`m studying at a great university what`s called THE MOSCOW CITY GOVERNMENT UNIVERSITY OF MANAGEMENT. I`m in my first year and I really like it.


Maybe you want to know something about me. I`m low, my hair is dark and short, and my eyes are blue. I`m very funny person, but sometimes I can bite. It`s a joke, almost. Actually I`m very friendly and extrovert, I like communication with intelligent and interesting people like you.


My hobby is playing the guitar. Also I`m true music lover and cinemaddict! If you want to listen to a good song or to watch an interesting film, you may ask me. I`ll help you to chose what you like.


I`ll try to help you with some problems.


Write me soon. I`ll wait your replying.


With best wishes





Task 11. At a department store. 


- Hello. Can I help you?

- Yes, please. I need a black dress, but haven't found my size.

-What is your size?

- My size is medium.

- Ok, let's see... Yes, we have it in medium... Here you are. Do you want to try it on?

- Yes, of course. Where is the changing room?

- I'll show you there.

- Thank you!

(Some time passes)

- It fits you!

- I'll take it. How much is it?

- $15 including tax.

- Ok, do you take Visa?

- Yes, of course.

(Next day)

- Hello. Recently I`ve bought this dress in your shop recently. There is a hole in it.

- Let's see... Do you want to exchange it?

- Yes, please.

- Just a minute. I'll go and check. ... Sorry, but I haven't found it in black, only in red.

- No, I want it in black... What a pity!

- Sorry, we don't have it. Would you like a refund?

- Yes, I do.

- Do you have a receipt?

- Yes, here you are. 



Task No.12



From: Orlova Valentina [wendyoriwellfox@gmail.com]

To: Dancing School Madam`s Claire [clairedancingschool@gmail.com]

Subject: Information about dancing-classes


Dear Madam,

I am writing to ask information about your dancing-classes. I would like to learn to dance Latin-American and classical dances and your intensive courses fit me. If you’ll look for a partner for me I am low and my figure is middle. I am a beginner in dances but I want to learn to dance very much.


I have locked at your website, but there is no information about beginner-classes. Could you please send me information about it? I need t0 know the prices and the dates.


I am looking forward to hear from you,


Valentina Orlova.



Task No.13


1)I really enjoy learning English because I like studying and knowing something new. I’m very curious.


2)I’m learning English because I want to travel the world and perhaps I’ll live abroad.


3)After our English-classes I start to speak English more and much better. I think that more practice than better you speak. It’s not so difficult as it seems. The main thing is trying and wanting. Writing English is not difficult because you can think what you want to say.


4)I think it’s possible but it’s complicated. You can mix them.


5)Yes, I’d like to learn Spanish and then German because these languages are interesting and they belong lead the countries of the world.  



Task No. 14. (I wrote about another person)

Partizanskaya street, 24

Moscow, Russia

25th April 2005

Dear Mrs Sanders,


Thank you for the letter. I was happy to get it. How are you and your family?


I booked a plane ticket on 2nd of August. In Gatwick airport I’ll arrive at 7 p.m. the same day. I don’t like trains and want to hire a car. Is it possible? Where do I have to drive then? Write down my phone number: 555444777. Could you please write me your number?


I often sleep for a long time, sometimes about 10 or 11 hours. I don’t like apples, tomatoes, mushroom soup and I don’t drink coffee, just green tea. I don’t smoke because I am a sportsman. By the way I jog in the morning every day.  Can I stay in a single room? I prefer not to share a room with other people. I’m planning not to go back in Russia immediately if you won’t be opposite to stay me at your home else one week.


Best wishes,


Write me soon,


Wendy Oriwell


Task No.15


1)When was the last time you had to make a big decision?


It was last year when I decided to live one in Moscow. It was very difficult.


2)What kind of information do you often get from the Internet?


The first thing I do in the Internet is looking for some news about our group’s classes on the next day or the week. Then I go to the social net and chat with my friends to know how they are.


3)When was the last time you had an invitation to a wedding?


It was as far as I don’t remember. I was too little. But I hope my sister will be married next year and I’ll be the central guest. =)

4)Which party won the last general election in your country?


I don’t follow this. I think the world of politic doesn’t include normally people. Although sometimes I think what I would do if I were a politic and perhaps if I’ll became the politic I try to change all for the better.


5)Do you belong to any organization (for example, Greenpeace, etc.)?


No, I don’t, but I try to keep safe the Nature not making a mess in the streets and being friends with animals. I like animals, they make our lives better. 


6)What do you think is the best form of communication? e-mail, phone, or text-message?

I think the best form of communication is text-message because it’s fast and you can send somebody pictures. Also it lets you express your thoughts rightly.



Task No. 16

1)I think you should give her a special evening somewhere in a romantic place. It would be better if you don`t invite anybody. Make this evening just yours. Turn on a player with her favorite music, cook food and drinks what she likes. She`ll be happy and both of you will remember this evening all life.


2)First, you shouldn’t panic! Tell yourself: “I’ll find him” and go to look for the cat. Look under beds, call him in the street. Perhaps the cat escape you because  he doesn’t know you and now he’s staying near your friend’s home. If you won’t find him you should phone your friend and explain the situation.


3)I agree with you that’s the problem to lend some money friends because it’s too difficult to ask they to pay back. But your friend needs your help and you should help him.


4)You shouldn’t go to gym to get fit. You can do most of all exercises in your home, just begin!


Task No.17

1)If a bear came towards me slowly, I would try to talk with him quietly, walk way as slowly as it possible and not to look the bear in his eyes. But if it was aggressive I would pretend to be dead.


2)If I saw a snake I would avoid it and slide by. Snakes are not aggressive if you don’t try to touch it.

3)If I lost my passport on holiday I would go to the police and apply.


4)I wouldn’t forgive me if I forgot my best friend’s birthday. It would be awful! But if it happened I would cancel my confession and give him the most wishful present.


5)If I were late for important meeting I would apologize and say that I was in hurry but something was stopping me all time.


Task No.18

1)What makes me get angry?

I’m very patient but if I get angry it’s really frightfully. Luckily it’s a rarity. I get angry when I can’t do something what I have to do or I want to help but I have no opportunity: I’m too tired or something else.


2)Who do I get on with best in my family? Is there anybody I don’t get on with?  

I think that’s my mother because we have similar personality and many themes for a conversation. But I don’t get on well with my grandmother, we’re too different.


3)What do I think is the best age to get married? Why?

The best age to get married is beginning from 21. I think age before says that people are too young and can’t make rational decisions about their lives and the marriage is a very responsible step.


Task No. 19


From: Valentina

To: Daniel

Subject: Nice to hear from you!


Hi, Daniel!

It was so great to get your letter! I was happy! How are you and your family? My exams went well. How did your exams go? I’m sure you passed with success.

It’s wonderful that you’re going to go to Russia! You’ll have a good time.  I guess the best month for the visiting is July. Would you like to come then? Oh, what’s a pity you’ll stay here for three weeks! You can’t visit all of our beautiful places. But first you should see is the Red Square. This is the most popular place in Russia what American directors like using in their films. Especially the Kremlin and the Tower with watches. Secondly you should visit is Tret’yakovskaya gallery. There are many interesting things in this. Let’s make a decision when you’ll come. About the car.. I think you should travel by train because on a bus or in a car you might stay in traffic.

I’d like to meet with you and go sightseeing. By the way, the cheapest and good hotel I know is not far from me, we often can see each other. The name of hotel is Moscowskaya, look for some information about it.


Write back me soon!


Best wishes,




Task No. 20


- Good afternoon! Can I help you?


- Good day! I have a bad cold. Do you have something I can take?


- Sure! What symptoms do you have?


- I have a runny nose and a sore throat.


- Oh, okay! Are you allergic to any pills?


- No I'm not allergic.


- It's "Snoop" -  nose drops. And it's "Ingalipt" - a throat spray. These will make you feel better.


- How many do I have to take?


- You should take nose drops once every three hours and the throat spray twice every six hours.


- Ok, thanks!


- If you don't feel better, you should see a doctor.


- Of course! How much are they?


- $10, please!


- Here you are. Thanks for the help!


- No problem, you are welcome! I hope you'll feel better!



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