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My homework on Prezi.com!




I inserted background music. Also I added complete tasks 12 and 13.


Task 1.
1) One thing I've never done but would like to do. 

I want to travel around the world because it's boring in here and I want to study languages.
2) One thing I've done many times and advise everyone to do.

I used to ride a hourse very often and I advise you to try it, as it is very cool.

3) One thing I've done recently. 

I went shopping recently. I really enjoy buying new clothes.
4) One thing I spending more or less time on.

I spend a lot of time in the internet, especially in skype and social networks as all my friends are there.

Task 2. 

Online recording software >> 

 Task 3. 

Raduzhniy is a town, situated in Northern Siberia. Its population is about 50 000 people. It is called so because a long time ago some people flew on helicopter to the place where the town is now situated, and they saw a rainbow there. It is really cold there, winter lasts 3 seasons. The lowest temperature was registered five years ago,it was -65. About 17 years ago, some Chinese builders tried to construct an office building, but this idea was left unfinished. For 13 years the carcas of the building has been remained untouched, spoiling the image of the town, but lately, the local government decided to finish the project and invited the same Chinese builders to accomplish this. So, now it's the highest structure in our town. There's also a statue called "Mother's love". (photos down below) It's the only tourist site in Raduzniy. (/facepalm..)

So, in this cold region, people's hearts help us always stay warm. ^^

                The carcas of the building.                         A statue "Mother's love".                          A rainbow. :)


Task 4.

Audio recording and upload >>

- Hello, excuse me, could you tell me, how I can get to the Kremlin from here?
- Hello, yes, sure. We are at Kitay-gorod at the moment, so you must walk down Kitaygorodskiy proezd straight to Moskovskaya embankment.
- Ok, I understand.
- You will be able to see Kremlin all way long, but it will be most noticeable from the embarkment. You will have to walk a few quarters to reach Kremlin.

- Thank you so much!

- Not at all.




Task 5.


This summer I am going to visit Texas, which is a southern state in the USA. There I would like to practice English with native speakers and find out more about this state, while going sightseeing. It's going to be my first trip to this country.
I am also planning to visit South Korea with a friend of mine. If nothing goes wrong, we will go to Seoul, the capital of the Korean Republic, and stay there for about a week. I think it's going to be cool.

Task 6.

Audio recording software >>

"How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie is the best book I've ever read. This book is thought to be the best in the social dynamic sphere. The material for it was collected by its author for 15 years.

My home town Raduzhniy is the coldest place I've ever been to. It is situated in Siberia and winter lasts for three seasons there. The lowest recorded temperature there was -65.


The Butterfly Effect" is the best film I've ever seen. This film makes a strong impression. Due to the excellent music, great acting, high-quality visual effects and, of course, to the unpredictable ending, the film is very interesting and breath-taking. I strongly recommend your watching it. I think you will enjoy it. 


"Sizzler" is the best restaurant I've ever been to. Grilled chicken and salmon with teriyaki sauce were the best ones I have ever tried. But, unfortunately, this restaurant exists only in Thailand and in the USA.

"Misfits" is the best serial I've ever seen. It's a very unusual soap opera. The relationships between the main characters and the characters themselves are very realistic and plain. The plot is very intriguing and the actors fit their roles ideally. This soap opera is a real example of how the British film industry can produce a better product than the American one, which is producing extremely many serials. 

Task 7.

On this photo you can see my favourite cat. Its name is Kuzya. This photo was taken about a year ago. It was a lucky coincidence, as my cat doesn't like the camera and always turns away from it. But on this photo he is looking straight into the lens with its beautiul big blue eyes. I look at this photo very often, because I miss Kuzya very much. At the moment, he is staying in Raduzhniy with my parents. 

Task 8.

Voice Recorder >>

Do you find it difficult to remember people's names?  

Yes, for me it's hard. Some time ago, I had several confusing moments when I couldn't remember the person's name and had to hold a pause while trying to memorise it. Sometimes I couldn't even manage to memorise it! But now I worked out a method which helps me cope with this problem. That's how it works: While making an acquaintence, I try to repeat the name of the person 3 three times while talking. It really helps! I advise this tactic for everyone who has got the same problem.

Do you think it's important to learn to cook?  

Yes, I reckon it is very important to know how to cook at least the simplest things. Firstly, you save other people's time and cook on your own. Secondly, you can prepare your meal according to your own tastes and preferences. Thirdly, there is a guarantee that you will not starve and die from hunger. :)

Do you think it's possible to learn a foreign language without going to the country?  

Yes, of course, it is possible to learn a foreign language without leaving home by reading literature in the language which you are studying and learning grammar. But it is much more effective to study the language, living in a country, where the language you a learning is an official one. 

Task 9.

Record music with Vocaroo >>


Something you a not very good at doing.

I can't sing really well, even though I love doing it very much. When I sing I cheer up for a long time.


Something you have stopped doing.

I am making my own website about coffee but recently I had to stop this activity as it is very tense, and I don't have enough time and nerves for it.


Something you love doing in the summer.

I enjoy travelling at summer time. I can be completely sure that it's going to be warm and sunny at any place I choose, so I ccan go anywhere I want to.


Something you are thinking of doing this weekend.

This weekend I am planning to go to the mall and look for a present for my best friend.


Something you like doing with your family.

I really enjoy driving to the countryside with my family, especially to a forest. We usually have some delicious barbecue there. We also take our pets with us (the cat and the dog) and we have a very pleasant and fun pastime. 

Task 10.  




From: Julia 
To: alexander@yahoo.com


Hello, Alexander,
My name is Julia. I was called so because I was I born in July. I was born in Raduzhniy, which is situated in Northern Siberia. At the moment I am living alone in Moscow as I have decided to continue my education here. I am 19 years old. I am studying at Moscow Metropolitan Governance University. I am a first-year student, I'm studying Finance and Economics. 
I've got fair hair of averege length, blue and grey eyes. I wear glasses. 
I am an unsociable person, I don't talk a lot. 
During my free time I like to read, play online games and walk. In the nearest future I want to start learning Korean language.

Please write soon and tell me about you and your life.

Best wishes.

Julia Borisova 

Task 11.  

Record and upload audio >>


At a department store.

- Hello. Can I help you?

- Yes, please. I need a black dress, but haven't found my size.

-What is your size?

- My size is medium.

- Ok, let's see... Yes, we have it in medium... Here you are. Do you want to try it on?

- Yes, of course. Where is the changing room?

- I'll show you there.

- Thank you!

(Some time passes)

- It fits you!

- I'll take it. How much is it?

- $15 including tax.

- Ok, do you take Visa?

- Yes, of course.

(Next day)

- Hello. I've bought this dress in your shop recently. There is a hole in it.

- Let's see... Do you want to exchange it?

- Yes, please.

- Just a minute. I'll go and check. ... Sorry, but I haven't found it in black.

- No, I want it in black... What a pity!

- Sorry, we don't have it. Would you like a refund?

- Yes, I would.

- Do you have a receipt?

- Yes, here you are. 


Task 12.



From: Julia Borisova

To: Education First [inquiry@ef.com]

Subject: Information about courses


Dear Sir/Madam,


I am writing you to inquire about the English courses abroad. I am intrested the ones, situated in England. I am from Russia, I am 18 years old and I am a first year student at Moscow University. I am quite a good reader, but sometimes I have difficulties with understanding the information I hear. In addition, I've got a language barrier, which I want to overcome and start speaking fluently with foreigners. The book I am studying is "pre intermediate" level.


On your website I have found some information about admission to the intensive course in England this summer. Please give the possible dates of the trip. On your website I have found three types of accommodation: residence, family and campus. I am interested in living in a residence. From its description I found out that there are three rooms in it. Who is usually being put there? People from different countries? Can I be informed about this in advance?


I look forward to your reply.


Yours faithfully

Julia Borisova 

Task 13.


Voice Recorder >>


Do you enjoy learning English? Why? 

Yes, I do, because I like the learning process.

Why are you learning English? 

I want to live and work abroad in the future and my knowledge in English will help me in that.

Do you find it more difficult to speak or to write English? 

For me speaking in English is more difficult than writing.

Do you think it's possible to learn more than one language at the same time? Why? 

Yes, I think so. If you want to learn more than one language, you only need to want it.

Would you like to learn another language? Which one? 

Yes, I’d like to learn Korean, because I like South Korea. Also I would like to resell items from there in Russia.


Task 14.



Russia, Moscow, Daev alley, 6
18th December 2012


Dear Mrs Sanders, 


I'm grateful for your letter. I am sure we will have a great time together. 
I hope to arrive at 12 am on the 9 February. I have a mobile phone with an English SIM-card, so I will be able to inform you about my arrival. If we don't have a possibility to contact, I will be waiting for you at the station.
I am picky about food, but I hope that it will not cause a lot of discomfort to you. I would rather avoid eating beef, pork and parsley green.I lead a healthy lifestyle, so I don't smoke.A single room would be perfect for me as I enjoy having some private space.I reckon that if I find this course enjoyable,I will stay for about a week more.


Best wishes,


Task 15.


Record music and voice >>


1) When was the last time you had to make a big decision?

The most important choice which I made recently was the one in which university to study. Fortunately, I made a right choice.

2) What kind of information do you often get from the Internet?  

The information I get from the Internet can't be related to one specific group of knowledge as there is too much of it.

3) When was the last time you had an invitation to a wedding?  

I got the invitation to my cousin's wedding two weeks ago. This august I will go there.

4) Which party won the last general election in your country?

The political party "Russia United" has won the elections.

5) Do you belong to any organization (for example, Greenpeace, etc.)? 

No, I am not currently having membership in any organisation, even though I would like to participate in the Greenpeace program to protect animal rights.

6) What do you think is the best form of communication? e-mail, phone, or text-message? 

In my point of view, the best form of communication is the e-mail, as while writing a letter you have time to gather your thoughts and you will not forget anything. 


Task 16.

Voice Recorder >> 

I think he should present her a plush toy as high as she is, a teddy bear, for example, or any other toy representing her favourite animal. It is very nice and she should definitely like it.


I think she shouldn't upset her friend before her (friends') arrival. Instead, she should hang out some announcements, saying that she had lost the animal. Then she should just hope that everything will be OK. 


I think he should lend some money to his friend unless it's a big sum of money for him and it will not have a strong impact on his budget, as there is nothing bad about it. 

I think she should start doing some exercises at home. Nowadays there are many various guides for doing phisical activities at home. 


Task 17.


Record music with Vocaroo >>


1) If I saw a bear, I would pretend to be dead.

2) If I saw a snake, I would be scared and run away.

 3) If I lost my passport during the trip, I would go to the police department straight after discovering the loss.

 4) If I forgot about the birthday of a friend, I would have surprise party that that's the way it has been planned.

 5) If I were late for an important meeting, I would apologize to the people that had been waiting for me, give them a box of sweets and ask them to appoint the meeting at some other time, which would be convenient for them.

Task 18.


Record and upload audio >>


1) When was the last time you got a present? 

The last present I got is the one from my grandmother for the 8th of March. It was a beautiful bracelet made of gold and covered with a pattern of hearts.

2) What do you think is the best age to get married? 

I reckon that the best age for getting married is 25 years old. At this time one has already got higher education and is aware of what he/she wants from life.

3) When was the last time you got lost?

The last time I got lost was when I was three years old. My parents and I were having a walk at some square, when I turned away for a second and lost them out of sight. I was frustrated, but suddenly I seemed to notice my mother. I ran to her and clunched tight to her leg. And, of course, it wasn't my mother. The woman was very frightened and couldn't understand what I was doing. Fortunately, mommy found me in a minute or so.  

Task 19. 


From: Julia Borisova

To: Daniel

Subject: About visiting my country



Hi Daniel!

Thank you for your last e-mail.


I think that the best time to come to Raduzhniy is July, as it will be warm and beautiful there. Most of the time it is cold and the winter is severe. That is why if you want to have a sunny holiday, you should come in summer. If you want to see the real Siberia, you can come any other season.  

Raduzhniy is a small town, so three weeks will be quite enough for you to see all the popular sights. You will definitely enjoy strolling along the streets of the town, especially in the centre of it. By the way, you will notice a monument there, which represents a mother an her child, standing together. It is a symbol of love and peace.  
You can also go to the river.
More than that, you can drive a bit away from town and enjoy the special northern nature. The landscapes are very picturesque there. 
There is no need to use public transport, even though there is some. If you are tired, you can take a bus and if you need to get away from town, you will need a car.
I hope we will be able to see each other in Raduzhniy, even though it depends on which month you will choose for your trip.
there is only one hotel in Raduzhniy and the room prices vary there. You will probably find a room which will suit you well. 


Best wishes,
your friend,

Task 20.



- Good morning ! Can I help you?
- I have a flue . Do you have something I can take ?
- What symptoms do you have?
- I have a headaches, a cough , runny nose and a high temperature 
- What temperature do you have?
- My temperature is 38.
- Oh, dear!. Are you allergic to any medicine?
- No, I'm not.
- Okay. These are nose drops, cough tablets, aspirin. These will make you feel better.
- How many do I have to take?
- You should take 2 drops every 3 hours, 1 cough tablet every 5 hours and 2 aspirin pills every 4 hours. If you don't feel better in 2 days, you should see a doctor.
- Okay, thanks. How much are they?
- $11,56, please.
- Thank you!
- You are welcome. 



Comments (8)

Tanya Bunakova said

at 12:19 am on Mar 14, 2013

Task 1
- there is no Present Perfect in question No.3

Julia Borisova said

at 2:59 pm on Apr 1, 2013

I don't understand. -_-

Tanya Bunakova said

at 11:04 pm on Apr 1, 2013

The task was aimed at using Present Perfect. For example: "I've bought a new mobile phone yesterday. The fact is that my previous phone was stolen so I needed a new one..."

Tanya Bunakova said

at 1:00 am on Mar 20, 2013

Julia such a nice rainbow! Are these your photos?

Julia Borisova said

at 1:35 am on Mar 24, 2013

This photo was taken by my dad when I was about 4 years old. :)

Julia Borisova said

at 1:37 am on Mar 24, 2013

"Facepalm" is a gesture which is used to show that something seems confusing or ridiculous to you.:/

Tanya Bunakova said

at 11:01 pm on Apr 1, 2013

I love your presentation! Thank you, Julia!!! It's amazing!

Tanya Bunakova said

at 11:17 pm on May 19, 2013

Well-done! Only tasks 15 and 16 left. And don't forget to upload the audio for the oral tasks.

Task 14.
- for your letter / inform you / waiting for you / discomfort to you (capital letters are not used in English for 'you')
-on the 9th of February - it is said like this but not written like this. The right way to write is: on 9 February
I am PICKY ABOUT food, but I HOPE that
-I lead a healthy lifeSTYLE
-Best wishes,

Task 17.
- If I saw a snake, I would be scared and I would run away. (you don't need to repeat 'would')
- have surprise party that that's the way it has been planned
-to appoint the meeting at some other time, which would be convenient for them.

Task 18

Task 19.
Hi Daniel!
Thank you for your last e-mail.

- it will be warm
- the real Siberia
-northern nature
- the room prices

Task 20.
- Good morning ! Can I help you?
- I have a flue . Do you have something I can take ?
- What symptoms do you have?
-a cough
- a high temperature

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