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Task №2



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Task №1



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Task №20


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 At the pharmacy 


- Good morning! Can I help you?

- Hello. Yes, I feel bad.

- What symptoms do you have?

- I have a sore throat and a temperature.
- What temperature do you have?

- It’s 37,5.

- Are you allergic to any drugs?

- I’m allergic to aspirin.

- OK, I recommend you antigrippin. It will make you feel better. 

- How many do I have to take?

- Twice a day. If you don’t feel better in 4 days you should see a doctor.

- OK, how much are they?

- 8$, please.

- Here you are. Thank you!

- You are welcome! 




Task №19



From: Molotkova Nastya

To: Daniel

Subject: About visiting my country


Thank you for your last e-mail. It was great to hear from you again. I am very glad that you want to visit my country. In my opinion the best month to visit Russia is August. The weather is warm and nature is amazing . 

Moscow is an incredibly big and beautiful city. 11 million people live here. Which place should you visit? Firstly, the Moscow Kremlin, Red Square, Arbat, Bolshoi theatre, the State Historical Museum. Secondly, you can visit the Kalina Bar on the roof of Moscow City with your friends. I am sure that you will have a great time.

If I were you, I’d travel by bus or subway. I can recommend you Kassado Plaza. It’s a comfortable hotel and not too expensive.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Best wiches,


P.S. I've added some photos for you.


                                    View of Red Square                                                      Kassado Plaza



                                                            Kalina Bar



Task №18


Audio and voice recording >> 



Task №17


Audio recording and upload >>


1) What would you do if a bear attacked you? 

If a bear attacked me I would run away as fast as I could. 


2) What would you do if you saw a snake?

If I saw a snake I would be frightened and get shocked.



3) What would you do if you lost your passport on holiday?

If I lost my passport on holiday I would go to the Russian embassy. 


4) What would you do if you forgot your best friend's birthday? 

If I forgot my best friend's B-Day I would apologize and congratulate.


5) What would you do if you were late for an important meeting? 

If I was late for an important meeting I would call.



Task №16



1)    1) I think you should give her beautiful jewelry, for example by Tiffany. Yes, maybe it’s too expensive but it's worth it! Many girls dream about it.





2)  Of course you should warn your friend of the missing cat.   But if you've been unable to find her cat only for 1 day, I think it's not too bad.  It may be sleeping somewhere. I know that cats can sleep for up 20 hours. But also ask about cat in the neighborhood, somebody  might have seen the cat.

3)    3) You should give her money, but if only she is really your best friend. Real friends should support and help each other. If you aren't sure in her,don't give the money. It’s up to you!

4)    4) I agree with you the gym is expensive, but I don’t believe that you can’t find a place to go running. You can do exercise with use of YOU TUBE at home, there are good videos.




Task №15





Task №14


Moscow Russia

16 April 2013

      Dear Mrs. Sanders, 

 Thanks for your letter. I’m very happy that I’m coming to stay with you in August, and I’m hope we’ll have a good time. 

 I’m arriving at 7 pm at Gatwick airport. I've read your advice about how I can get from the airport. I’m going to go by train. Then I'll phone you when I an on the train.

 Now I’m going to tell you about myself. I prefer eating meat, vegetables, and fruit, drink juice or cola. I have a healthy lifestyle and don’t smoke. I don't mind about the room. I’m not going to go back to Russia immediately after the end of the course. Unless you object I’m going to stay with you.

 I have some questions for you. What's the weather like in August there?

How far is  your house from shop center? How many days can I stay with you after the course? Does anybody smoke in your family? And how do you like spending your free time?


Looking forward to hearing from you,

Best wishes 


PS I’m also sending you my photo.



Task №13




From: Anastasia Molotkova  [Nastya-sweetkiss@yandex.ru]

To: Tennis Courses in France

Subject: Information about courses


Dear Sir/Madam

I’m writing to ask for information about your tennis course in France. I’m Anastasia. I have played tennis since 2008, I’m 18 years old and study at university. I think that I am good at playing tennis but I need to improve it. 

I haven’t found information about dates in the advertisement and on your website. I’m planning to go in summer after my exams at university.Could I come at this time? I would like private lessons. Could you send me information about the price? If possible I would like to stay with a friend.   

I look forward to heard from you.

Yours faithfully

Anastasia Molotkova



Task №12



Task №11


Audio recording >>


One day at shop in Milan:

- Buongiorno! We are glad to see you in our shop. Can I help you?

- Yes, I really like this dress. Do you have it in medium? 

- Let’s see. Just wait a minute … We have it only in white in medium.

- Ok, it’s good. It’s my favorite colour.

- Do you want to try it on?

-  No, thanks. I’m sure it’ll be fine, I’ll take it. And how much is it?

- 35. How would you like  to pay: by credit card or with cash?

- Of course by credit card!

Next Day:

  - Good afternoon! Can I help you?

- Yes, I bought this dress yesterday.

 - I remember you. What’s the problem?

 - I decided it’s too big for me.

 - What size is it?

 - Medium. But could I have a refund?

 - Yes, I’ll solve your problem. Do you have a receipt?

 - Of course, here you are.

 - We'll be glad. Good bye!

  - Caio! 




Task №10 


Online recording software >> 



1)    Somebody you dream of meeting. I dream of meeting the famous Swedish Dj Avicii. He was at №3 on the TOP 100 Dj’s list by Magazine in 2012. I like listening to his music, it’s makes my feel good.

2)    A country you are interested in visiting. The USA is a country I’m interested in visiting. This country is very developed with wonderful nature. There are big modern cities, for example New York, Washington, Las Vegas etc. 

3)    Something you are very good at doing. I’m good at playing tennis. I’ve done it professionally since 2008. I enjoy watching Wimbledon on TV.

Also I’m good at figure skating. In my opinion figure skating is one of the most beautiful sports. My mum did it, even took part  in Olympic games and won many medals. 


Task №9




  Task №8


Voice Recorder >> 



1) Do you think it’s important to learn to cook? Of course I think it's important to learn to cook. In my opinion it's not only women's responsibility, but it's also important for men. Every weekend I try to cook new tasty food. I'm planning to set up a restaurant. I'm good at cooking sushi, pizza and pasta. Also I learnt to cook for my future husband. 




2) What’s the most interesting place to visit in your city? Nikolskaya plaza is the most interesting place I've ever visited in Moscow. It is located in the historical, cultural and business center of Moscow - 2 steps from the Kremlin on Nikolskaya Street. I was at a fashion show there 2 weeks ago. I went with my friends from university, we liked it. We saw a beautiful show of dresses and even wanted to buy one of the wonderful dress, but unfortunately it was so expensive. We were excited and had a good time.





3) Have you decided to go anywhere next summer? I've already decided to go to Turkey next summer and probably to Italy. Turkey is my favorite  country. I really relax there, meeting new interesting people from around the world, eating delicious food, swimming in the swimming pool and sea, doing yoga at the beach every summer. My family and I prefer to stay at a five-star hotel. For example, my favorites are  Rixos, Cornelia DeLuxe, Limak Atlantis, Maritim Pine Beach Resort  in Belek. My friends from Italy invite me to visit their country. And I'm going to do it. I'm also planning to travel using the site CouchSurfing, thanks it people grant free help and overnight stop to each other and organize joint travel. -I think that's interesting and extreme.


                            Cornelia Deluxe 2012                                                          Limak Atlantis 2011



Task №7



Christmas in Paris





 One of my favorite photos is Christmas in Paris. I took the photo in December of 2010 when I was on holiday in France. We were in Paris. It was my first time there. I was so excited. We went by boat on the river Sena. I will never forget that fantastic time. Our guide, Henry, was a wonderful person. He became a good friend. He said very interesting things about the places. We went with him to a restaurant in the Eiffel Tower. I keep this photo on the wall in my room. On a gray, rainy day in Moscow, I just have to look at it and then memories of a wonderful adventure come back, and I can imagine that I am in fantastic Paris again. 


Task №6


Audio recording software >>


1. What’s the most difficult language you’ve ever learnt? Italian is the most difficult language I’ve ever learnt. But in my opinion it's one of the beautiful languages I already know many words and practice to speak a little, but I want to improve it.
2. What is the best restaurant you’ve ever been? “Pine” is the best restaurant in Turkey I've ever been to. It was in 2009, we ordered very tasty food.
3. What is the most beautiful old building you’ve seen? The Moscow Kremlin is the most beautiful old building I’ve seen. In free time I like going for a walk and enjoy it.
4. What is the hottest place you’ve ever been to? Italy is the hottest place I’ve ever been to. It was +40 degrees. But I like hot weather

 5. What is the best film you’ve seen this year?  Impossible is the best film I’ve seen this year. This is a film about a family which was in Thailand during the tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004.


                                                                                     The hot day in Italy (2010 year)





                                 The Impossible TRAILER  




Task №4 


Record music and voice >> 


-Excuse me! I got lost. I’m Anastyeisha and I’m from Britain. Could you tell me how to get to the metro station Sukharevskaya?

-Ok, no problem, I'll help you. It’s not so far.
-How long will it take?
-It will take only 5 minutes.
-Very well, how can I get there?
-You can use GPS in you mobile phone.

-Unfortunately, I don't have GPS in my mobile.
-OK, you can walk there.  I'll explain to you. You are at Sretenka 28, turn right, go straight ahead. It will be right in front you.
-Oh…Thank you very much.
-Have a good day and enjoy you stay!




Task №5

Future holidays.

I have many  plans for this holidays.  First I'm planning to go to my country house. I'm going to swim the whole day,  ride a bike, sunbathe and something else. Also I'm going to work. Of course I'm planning to meet my friends and go for a walk with them. What else? I'm going to learn Italian. I already know many words and practice speaking a little, but  I want to improve it. I suppose, it's a very beautiful language and I have many friends from Italy. My friends invite me to Rome and I'm going to visit them. I think that it will be a great vacation in my life. I'm going shopping in Milan, visit interesting places, meet new people.     




Task №3 


The place where I live.
1) I live in Moscow,  the capital of Russia. It was founded in 1147. It's one of the oldest and biggest cities in Russia. It has a population of 11 million people. 
2) It's a beautiful and expensive city, and it's great for walking around. There are a lot of museums, parks, monuments, shops, restaurants and bars, where people prefer spend time. Tourists can stay in Ritz Carlton and enjoy the view of the Red Square. Many famous people  prefer doing in this hotel.
3) The weather here is very different . The winter can be very cold, frosty, wet. The autumn is rainy. The spring and summer are wonderful - it's warm, sunny, hot and it's great for going to a pond. 
4) Moscow is famous for many things, for example, national food, souvenir matrioska, theaters and many other things. Tourists usually visit Moscow Kremlin, GYM, go for a walk along Old Arbat.
5) Moscow is a very rhythmic city. Unfortunately not all people here are friendly, because Moscow is a working city and people don't have enough rest. But I think everyone should visit this amazing city! I like place where I live!



Task №2


Record music with Vocaroo >>


Good afternoon! Let me introduce myself. My name is Nastya and surname is Molotkova. I’m 18 years old. I’m from Russia and live in Moscow. I live with my parents. I’m student of Moscow City University of Management. I study economics.  I’m planning to work  in a German bank . 
In my free time I like playing tennis, skiing,  I'm also fond of travelling. And of course I like listening to music. 
I think that I'm a funny, positive and friendly person. 
And that 's all about me. Bye.

Task №1


1. What have I never done? I've never been to Las Vegas. This is my childhood dream. I think that Vegas is the most beautiful city in the USA and in the whole world. The city is known for its casinos, shops, expensive hotels, famous people and many other things. Many films took off in Vegas, for example Hanover. It's my favorite film.
2. What have I done several times?When I was at one of the beach resorts I decided to fly with a parachute under the sea. I've done it twice. I recommend it.
3. What have I done recently? I've recently been to the cinema with my friends from university. We had a good time. We waited for the film so long and decided to go for a walk. But then we watched the film. Unfortunately we didn't like this film. It was boring and terrible.
4. Spending more or less time. I spend more time on studying and traffic. Traffic is a big problem for all people in Moscow. The Government should solve the problem. I spend less time on sleeping. I feel not very good and very tired.





Comments (18)

Tanya Bunakova said

at 5:17 pm on Mar 14, 2013

You are the first one to upload the picture! Great job!

Tanya Bunakova said

at 6:32 pm on Mar 14, 2013

Beautiful pictures!!!

Nastya Molotkova said

at 6:38 pm on Mar 14, 2013


Tanya Bunakova said

at 9:32 pm on Mar 18, 2013

Thank you Nastya!

Elly Summer said

at 11:51 am on Mar 19, 2013

I guess, some articles in Task 6 are missing:

5. This is a film about A family which was in Thailand during THE tsunami IN the Indian Ocean in 2004.

Tanya Bunakova said

at 12:17 pm on Mar 19, 2013

Lera, thanks for the help!

Tanya Bunakova said

at 11:33 pm on Mar 22, 2013

Nastya, wow!

Tanya Bunakova said

at 6:55 pm on Mar 29, 2013

Nastya, it's great! Only the text on Slide 1 is not readable as it is blue on the blue background...

Tanya Bunakova said

at 6:57 pm on Mar 29, 2013

And no mistakes!

Tanya Bunakova said

at 11:29 pm on Apr 6, 2013

Your presentation is absolutely fabulous!!! Thank you!

Tanya Bunakova said

at 10:59 pm on Apr 7, 2013

By the way if you decide to change your presentation you only need to change it on prezi.com and here it will change automatically.

Tanya Bunakova said

at 10:48 pm on Apr 22, 2013

Nastya, great job with task 15!!! Such a wonderful presentation! I'm really proud of you!

Nastya Molotkova said

at 5:55 pm on Apr 24, 2013

Thank you very much!

Tanya Bunakova said

at 11:34 pm on May 27, 2013

Nastya, well-done! How is Prague?

Nastya Molotkova said

at 11:41 pm on May 27, 2013

Unfortunately, I am not in Prague, but Sasha, Tanya and Peter in there now.

Tanya Bunakova said

at 11:42 pm on May 27, 2013

That's a pity! Why so few people? And do the other students just have holidays?

Nastya Molotkova said

at 3:03 pm on May 28, 2013

I decided to go next year. Yes, we have holidays :)

Tanya Bunakova said

at 7:07 pm on Oct 16, 2013

Nastya, well-done! You are the first one to start posting on your page this year! Congrats!

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