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Task No.1

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Task No.20

-Good morning! Can I help you?

-I have a stomachache. Do you have something I can take?

-Do you have a tempreche?

-No. I don't think so.

-Are you allergic to any pills?

-No. I'm not allergic.

-No problem. It is noshpa.

-How many do I have to take?

-Two pills for a day.

-If you don't feel better in a day you should see a doctor.

-How much are they?


-Thank you.

-Get better.


Task No.19

From: Taitana

To: Daniel

Subject: Exams


Hi Daniel!

Thanks for you last e-mail.

I am very glad that you want to visit our country.

I think the best month to visit Russian is August. Because this mounth isn't too hot and isn't cold.

So, I think you should certainly visit  Red Square, the Kremlin, the Tretyakov Gallery,  Arbat,

The Kazan Cathedral etc.

You can visit the theaters. This includes theaters  as the Bolshoi theatre, the theater of the

Mossovet theatre and many others..

I think you should travel around by bus or train or better by subway because russian roads and

traffic jams aren't cool.

I can't recommend a specific good and inexpensive hotel. It depends on your budget and preferences.


Hope to hear from you soon!

Best wishes,


Task No.18

1.What makes you get angry? When was the last time you got really angry?

For example, getting up at six o'clock in the morning makes me angry. Tiredness makes me angry

because everyone starts asking - "what's happened?". When someone tells me the same thing

over and over again it makes me angry. I usually get angry once in a day.

2.When was the last time you got a present? What was it? Who was it from?

Last time I got a present the day before yesterday. It was my birthday.

My friends presented me different things for drawing - a sketchbook, brushes and paints.

3.Do you ever get on university late? When was the last time?

I'm late for university every day. I just can not do and get up at 6 o'clock in the morning.

Task No.17

If a bear attacked me I would attack it too.

If I saw a snake I would be frightened.

If I lost my passpot on holiday I would cry.

If I forgot my best friend's birthday I would go to a doctor.

If I was late for an important meeting I would call and apologize.

Task No.16

1.You should to ask your girlfriend what she likes and think up a surprise.

2.You should phone her now and tell about it. When she comes home she might get angry.

3.You should lend the money, but you should specify the conditions.

4.You should do exercises at home and go running in the streets.


Task No.15

1.Last time I had to make a big decision I was choosing my future profession.

2.I mainly  get different information for my studies more often than the rest.

3.I had an invitation to a wedding  7 years ago. My cousin was getting married.

4.I don't understand politics and I don't like to talk about it.

5.I don't belong to any organization( Greenpeace). But I like the idea of


6.I think a phone call is the best form of communication. You can hear the caller's voice

and feel when a person smiles.

Task No.14

5 Park Street



25th April 2013


Dear Mrs Sanders,

Thank you for your letter. I am very happy that I am coming to stay with your family in August. 

I think we will have a good time too.

I arrive at Gatwick airport at 9 o'clock. I have a mobile phone. I will phone you when I am

on the train.

I am going to tell you about myself. I am not picky. I can eat and drink everything. And I will be

happy to have dinner with you.

I prefer to share a room with another student. I am going to go back to Russia immediately

after the end of the course. I am sorry that I can not stay.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Tatiana Elizarova. 



Task No.13

1.I enjoy learning English because it's interesting for me.

2.I'm learning English for different reasons.  Firsty, I need English for studies and future work. 

Secondly, I need it for traveling and communicating with foreigners and I'm learning this language

to read books in the original.

3.I find speaking English more difficult than to writing.

4.I think it's possible to learn more than one language at the same time. For example, I learnt English and German

at the same time a few years ago.

5.I would like to learn another language. I think I will learn Czech.


Task No.12

From: Tatiana Elizarova

To: Tennis cources in France

Subject: Information about courses


Dear Sir/Madam


I am writing to ask for information about your courses. I am especially interested in an intensive courses of one or two weaks.

I am 18 and I am a student in the Economic Department in Russia.

I can play tennis guite well, but I need to improve my skills. I really like to play, but need a good coach.

I have looked at your website, but there is no information about intensive courses next summer. Could you please send me

information about dates and prices? I would also like some information about accomodation.

If possible I would like to stay with my friends. Could they stay with me?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Your faithfully.

Tatiana Elizarova.




Task No.11

Record audio or upload mp3 >>

- Hallo! We are glad to see you in our shop. Can I help you?

- Yes, I really like this dress. Do you have it in medium? 

- Let’s see. Just wait a minute … We have it only in white in medium.

- Ok, it’s good. It’s my favourite colour.

- Do you want to try it on?

-  No, thanks. I’m sure it’ll be fine, I’ll take it. And how much is it?

- €35. How would you like  to pay: by credit card or with cash?

- Of course by credit card!

Next Day:

 - Good afternoon! Can I help you?

- Yes, I bought this dress yesterday.

- I remember you. What’s the problem?

- I realized it was too big for me.

- What size is it?

- Medium. But could I have a refund?

- Yes, I’ll solve your problem. Do you have a receipt?

- Of course, here you are.

- No problem . Good bye!

- Good bye! 



Task No.10

From: Tatiana

To: Alessandra

Subject: Hi from Russia


Hi Alessandra,

My name is Tatiana. Although this name is of Roman origin it's common in Russia and Europe.

I was born in Moscow and live in Moscow.I'm eighteen years old. I study Economics

at university. I live with my parents. I don't have any brothers or sisters.

I'm going to tell you about myself. I have long hair and brown eyes. I'm tall and not very fat. I think I'm a 

positive and friendly person, but sometimes I'm in a bad mood.

I like spending my free time with my friends, doing sport exercises, such as running and cycling, I like reading

and making sketches. Sometimes I get inspiration from books or from pictures in the books.

I also go to English classes on Sunday afternoon.


Please write soon tell me about you and your life.


Best wishes,



 Task No.9

Audio recording software >>

1) I don't like to go shopping alone, because I have no one to talk to.

Also if I go shopping with my friends they can advise me something.

2)I have stopped drawing, because it takes too much time.

3)I love to meet my cousins in the summer. They and I aren't busy at the time.

4)I am not very good at singing. I liked singing when I was a child. But I didn't 

understand that it was terrible.

5)I'm thinking of meeting with my close friend this weekend. Last time I saw

this man in early summer.

Task No.8

Record music and voice >>

Do you find it difficult to remember people's names?

1) I don't find it difficult to remember people's names, because I have a good memory.

I'm good at remembering names unless of course they are not too exotic.


Do you think it's important to learn to cook?

2) I think it's important to learn to cook, because my future husband will be hungry.

It's useful in the family, also maybe at work, and so on.


Do you always remeber to phone your friends on their birthdays?

3) I always remember to phone my friends on their birthdays, because I think it's

important and I get a reminder in the mail.

Task No.7


One of my favourite photos is of the Greater Caucasian ridge. It took the photo in summer of 2012

when I was on holiday in Kabardino-Balkaria.

When I took the photo I was between Elbrus and the Caucasus range. It was incredibly beautiful

and memorable. So I really like this photo. Part of the way I was rising on the cable car.

 There I met interesting people. They told me many  exciting stories about the mountains and their travels.




Task No.6

Record audio or upload mp3 >>


I. 1)  I like the authors of different genres. For example in fiction I like Ray Bradbury.

    I never get tired of reading and rereading the works of this author. So his work "Fahrenheit 451"

    is one of the best book I've ever read.

   2) My parents are the most generous people I've ever known.  

    They do everything for me and I try to thank them for that.

   3)  I usually don't watch TV.  But from my past experience of turning on the TV, I know that

   "House 2" is one of the worst programmes on TV I've ever seen. 

   4)  I don't like horror films, because it doesn't frighten me . I usually feel disgusted or even sad.

   But I think there are good films. For example  "Astral" is the most frightening film I've ever seen.

   5) I am the most untidy person in my family. I often have to tidy a room because I like to do chaos.


II.1) My PE teacher is the healthiest person I've ever known. He is always full of energy.

    When we fall down from tiredness, he is ready to do the exercise again and again.

  2) Skateboarding is the most dangerous sport I've ever done. My friends influenced on me

  in this case. I usually fall down out of the blue and without skateboard. But some time later I was able to ride.

  3) "What are men doing?" is the worst film I've ever seen this year. I and my fellow students saw

  this film in the cinema. We didn't like this  masterpiece, but we had fun.

  4) Kerling is the most boring sport I've ever watched. It's not very interesting for me, although it looks 


  5) Metropol hotel building is one of the most beautiful old building I've ever seen.

  The facade is designed in modernist style with elements of pseudo-Gothic. Beauty!


Task No.5


Future holidays.


On holidays I'm not going to travel anywhere. But maybe I'll go away to ride a bike several times.

This vacation I'm going to devote the work. I intend to find a job at least for the summer months.  

This is very important for me because I aspire  to independence. But also, like everyone else, I want

to find a  nice job with a decent salary. 

In my free time I'm going to do what I want. For example, I might meet with relatives and friends.

I have not  communicated with many of them  for a long time. And I really miss them.

Also I'll have time to read fiction not only to read student's books. If it is sunny and warm I'll have the inspiration.

 Maybe I'll create something new such as a picture.

I also want to learn something new. I don't know what it is but I know one thing - I need to try.

In the end,  I  certainly don't know where my fate will lead me.





Task No.4

Record audio or upload mp3 >>

Tatiana (American)-  Excuse me! I got lost. Could you tell me how to get to the metro? 

Tanya(Russian)- Sure. Which station do you need?

Tatiana (American)- I need Suharevskaya.

Tanya(Russian)- Оk. Go straight ahead and it will be on your right.

Tatiana (American)- How far is it from here?

Tanya(Russian)- Not far. It's just a couple of minutes.

Tatiana (American)- Thanks very much! 

Tanya(Russian)- No problem. Have a good day and enjoy you stay!

Task No.3

I live in Moscow, which is a city on the Moskva River in the center of the Eastern Europe Plain, between the Oka and Volga.

Moscow - is the capital of the Russian Federation, the federal city, the administrative center. It has a population of

11 977 988 people(2013) and it's the most populated city in Europe. Although this town is crowded, the people who live here are sometimes unfriendly,

there are a lot of cars in the streets, people live in an "eternal traffic jam" Moscow is one of the most beautiful cities

in the world. There are lots of streets, streets with old buildings, it's full of churches, museums, apartment houses, restaurants and shops.

The climate of Moscow is of the continental type, modified by the temperate influence of western winds from the Atlantic Ocean.

Winters are cold and long, summers are short and mild . But in the middle of summer it is usually hot.  It's great for going to the countyside

or the city beach. But I don't like summer in the capital because all my Moscow friends usually travel somewhere.

Moscow is a cultural center. The city offers us many cultural programs and other activities. There are special parks, centers,

clubs, cafes where you can find entertainment to your taste. In this city it's difficult to get bored. Even if you don't find entertainment,

"entertainment" will find you.

Moscow is a city of my childhood. I grew up in Moscow. Whatever you say but I love this city.

Maybe it's because this city brings me some strange feeling, a feeling that I'm home.



Task No.2

Audio recording software >>

First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Tanya. I'm Russian and I live in Moscow, the capital of Russia.

I live with my parents. I don't have any brothers or sisters. I'm eighteen years old and I'm at university.

I'm a student in the Economics Department.

I'm going to tell you about myself. I have long hair and brown eyes. I'm tall and not very fat. I think I'm a 

positive and friendly person, but sometimes I'm in a bad mood.

I like spending my free time with my friends, doing sport exercises, such as running and cycling, I like reading

and making sketches. Sometimes I get inspiration from books or from pictures in the books.



Task No.1

a) one thing I've never done but would like to do;

I have never driven a car. But I'm going to do it. I have been behind the wheel, but I have

never traveled to a certain place. I'm going to make money for a car and maybe my

parents will help me.


b) one thing I've done many times and advise everyone to do;

I have been to the mountains several times.  My brothers and my uncle are climbers.

Аlthough they could not travel with me,  I understood the reason for their love for this

great place. It seems our love for the mountains and active rest is  in our blood.

I traveled with my parents, but I traveled only with my new friends in some places. 

We had a very good time. I got a lot  of experience. I advise everyone to visit such places.


c) one thing I've done recently;

I have just met my old friend. We haven't seen for a long time.  It was an exciting, sudden and nice



d) one thing I'm spending more or less time on than two years ago.

I spend a lot of time for my homework every day. Although people usually take a rest at the weekend,

 I do my homework for the Saturday courses. As a result I have  little time for other

things.  Still I spend a lot of time travelling in the subway.  Аnd it takes a lot of time to get somewhere.



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