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Task 1.


  • Hey. Have ever heard about jumping with a parachute? It's my dream. I am sure it's amazing!!!My friends which have already jump with a parachute said me that they have delicious feeling. I hope, this summer my fear leaves me and i will do it too!


  • I am sure you know about camels. Maybe they are not very pleasant to look but i am very like to ride on them. This is my best remembrance from my trip to Tunis. If you will go to African countries, necessarily ride a camels. You will enjoy it. 


  • Last week my mother asked me to go to the grocery store. I bought all of she asked me and went home happy. But on the next day we found that yogurts which i bought were soured. I was very upset that the vendors did not warn me about the tainted products.


  • Most of my time i spend on university studies. We have many lessons every day. I have to get up every day at 5 am and i come home at 4 pm. It's intolerably. After that i can let me some recreate. 



Task 2. 


Good afternoon! Let me introduce myself. My name is Masha and surname is Nikolaeva. I’m 18 years old. I’m from Russia and live in Moscow. I live with my parents. I’m student of Moscow City University of Management. I study economics.  I’m planning to open my own beauty shop. 
In my free time I like playing volleyball, walking,  I'm also fond of travelling. And of course I like dancing and singing. 
I think that I'm a funny, clever and honey person.

And that 's all about me. Goodbye.



Task 3.

I live in Moscow. It’s a capital of Russia.. It is one of the oldest Russian cities.Moscow - is an important tourist center of Russia.The population of the city is over 11 million people.

In Moscow has 9 stations.Moscow Kremlin and Red Square, Novodevichy Convent and Church of the Ascension on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.Also there are many wonderful parks, interesting museums, theaters, concert halls, cafes, restaurants with food from different countries.

Weather in this city is very variable. In winter it is very cold, it is - 40 degrees. In the summer is very hot. Falls very much rain. Autumn rains a lot and always nasty weather, but this time of year is very great and beautiful.

In my opinion, Moscow wonderful city! He has an incredibly rich history, many world-famous personalities were born in Moscow. Also this city culturally developed and developing every year.It has a large number of attractions that are not revised in a lifetime. There are unique buildings, especially the old manor house and are distinguished by their beauty.

Task 4..


Mary (American)-  Excuse me! I got lost. Could you tell me how to get to the museam? 

Maria(Russian)- Sure. Which museam do you need?

Mary(American)- I need Darvins museam.

Maria(Russian)- Оk. Go straight ahead and it will be on your left.

Mary(American)- How far is it from here?

Maria(Russian)- Not far. It's just a couple of minutes.

Mary(American)- Thanks very much! 

Maria(Russian)- No problem. Have a good day and enjoy you stay!


This summer I'm going to fly over the sea. I have not yet decided where i will fly. But I know that we will fly with a huge company and have a good rest and gain strength fore the new academic year. I also want to do all my case in the summer that were not done ​​last year. I want to meet my friends which i haven't seen for ages because there was no time for it.




Task 6.


1) What is the best classical work you ever heard?

The Moonlight Sonata written by Beethoven, in my opinion IS the most beautiful work from classical music which I heard.

2)What is the most improbable representation which you ever saw?

The most unforgettable representation in my life is Cirque du Soleil, this is very beautiful show with tremendous actors.

3)What is the most unforgettable trip in your life?

From all countries in which I visited the most pleasant of all to me is Spain. There are very good climate, remarkable nature, fine kitchen in this country.

What is the hottest country you have ever been?

The hottest country which I visited is Tunisia. This surprising country of all Arab countries and it is the biggest. Tunisia Has scorching sun of Sahara, a set of the palm trees, pleasant aromas of various flowers, the historical sights, the nice cities and the villages, the purest sea, sandy beaches.



Task №7


It was in the summer 2009. We had a rest with a family in Spain.On this picture there are I and my younger little sister. We were walking very long on small streets of Spain, and my sister tired and began to cry. And here we stopped in one court yard and noticed on one of balconies there was a little girl which was my sisters aged and she cried too. They saw each other and began to smile, so to speak two brothers by misfortune met.


Task № 8.


1) Do you think it's important to learn to cook? Yeah, I think for women as well as menit is very important learning to cook. But as I believe that you need to learn, because not everyone can cook tasty and well. My cooking is not good, but I really want to learn how to cook food from different countries. I believe that the best chefs are men! For Example, my dad is a great cook.


2)Do you always remember to phone your friends on their birthdays? Yes, of course I think it's very important to greet friends on their birthday. Though I have not a very good memory I always remember when the birthday of my close friends. And anyway, I really like to greet people, because in this day you can say a lot of nice words.


3)Do you find if difficult to remember people's names?
I believe that it is not so difficult, but I often forget names or confused it. I think that is easier to remember a person's name need to come up Association to him

Task №9.


1)Somebody you dream of meeting.
I would like to meet the highest and the little man on the planet. It may seem silly, but I'm really interested to see them.

2) Something you have stopped doing.

I have not studied music for ages.I have been studied in school of music for nine years. I played the piano, I had not really liked it before, but now I understand how it is wonderful . And also I studied singing and sang in the choir, I really liked it . I gave up with music because i haven't time. And now I just sing at home and everywhere, and the piano was given long time ago.

3) Something you are thinking of doing this weekend.

 I want to go to the amusement park.I love attractions , it's unreal adrenaline and fun, and also it slopped all the negative emotions and then you can walk and smile a few days and don't get nervous. Later in the afternoon I'm going to cafe with my friends, and at night the go to a nightclub with girls to dance. I love the intense weekend!


Task №10.


From: Mary [balniks3@rambler.ru]
What: Alex [alex211@gmail.com]

Topic: Hello from Russia
Hey, Alex!
My name is Maria. It is a Greek name. I am 18 years old. I was born and I live in Moscow. I am a student of the Moscow City University of Management. I am a student at the Faculty of Economics and Finance.
My family consists of 4 members: brother, father and mother. I love my family. My mother is a lawyer, father is a geologist and my brother is a bussinessman.
As for my hobbies, I love to sing and dance. I also love to read books and magazines. Watch different movies. And just to walk more often and chat with friends. Alone I'm bored and lonely, so I do not like to be alone.
I have a pet. It is a cat, his name is Kuzma. He is white and fluffy. Every year we swift him, his hairstyle is called "lion." He is very funny and likes a lot of attention. I love it.
Sometimes I want to go to concerts and to the theatre, it's very interesting.
Please write me soon a story about yourself and your family.
Best wishes,

Task №11.



In the department store.
- Hello. Can I help you?
- Yes, please. I need a black mini skirt.
-What is your size?
- My size small.
- Well, let's see ... Yes, we have a black mini skirt small size ... So, please have a look. Would you like to try?
- Yes, of course. Where are the changing rooms?
- I'll show you there.
- Thank you!
(It takes a while)
- It suits you! Sits perfectly.
- I'll take it. How much does it cost?
- $ 52 including tax.
- Well, you take Visa?
- Yes, of course.
(Next day)
- Hello. I bought this skirt in your store yesterday. My girls did not like the black color.
- What is the color you want to see?
- I would like something brighter. Such as pink or yellow.
- Wait a minute. I'll go and check it out. ... Sorry, but we haven't a yellow color. But we have a deep pink.
- Oh, this color is amazing!
- You will be measured this skirt?
- No, this size is perfect for me.
- Do you have a receipt?
- Yeah, one second.
- Great, you can pick up your purchase! Have a nice day.
-Thank you, too



Task №12. 

American Club of Education
From: Maria Nikolaeva

To: American Club of Education [ACE@ef.com]

Subject: Information about the courses

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing you to ask about courses of English. I want to up my skill of English this summer. I'm from Moscow. I'm 18 years old and I am a first year student at Moscow University. My English knowledges is not very good, but I would like to learn it very well. I have a language barrier, I want to get over and start talking freely with foreigners. The book I'm learning a "pre-intermediate" level.

On your website I found some information about admission to the intensive courses this summer. Please give details where and when I can start watching. On your website I read that you have several branches. I live in the northern area of Moscow and I would like my courses will be closer to home.

Waiting for your reply!

Task № 13.

1)Do you enjoy learning English? Why?

Yes. I am enjoy learning English.

2)Why are you learning English?

 I am learning english because it is very importand to know more than one language, especially English.


3)Do you find it more difficult to speak or to write English?

Yes. I have some problems with my speaking and writing English, but i hope i can fix it.


4)Do you think it's possible to learn more than one language at the same time? Why?

Of course. It is very important in the same time for you future work or it is good for your own education.


5)Would you like to learn another language? Which one?

Maybe French, I think it is very beautiful language.


Task № 14.

Dear Mrs. Sanders,
Thank you for your letter. I am very happy that I will come to you in August. And I hope that we will have a good time.
I arrive on August 7 at 5:00 pm. As soon as I arrive,I call you. I have already bought a U.S. sim card.
Now I'm going to tell you about myself. I prefer to eat meat, vegetables and fruits, drink mineral water or tea. I have a healthy lifestyle and do not smoke. I would like to have a private room and shower. I will go back to Russia after the courses immediately.
So, I have a few questions for you. What is the weather in August?
How far is your home from the centre of the town? In What time is your family go to bed ? Does anyone in your family smoke? And how do you like to spend your free time?

I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes,


Task № 15


1. When was the last time you had to make a big decision?

 When was the last time you had to make a big decision? The last great decision for me was the choice of university.


2. What kind of information do you often get from the Internet?

What kind of information do you often get from the Internet? From the internet I get a lot of different information. For example materials for reports and essays. Also there is a lot of useful information. There you can find political and economic news. All sorts of social network to communicate with people.

3. When was the last time you had an invitation to a wedding?

When was the last time you had an invitation to a wedding? Unfortunately, I was rarely at weddings. But seven years ago, I was at my aunt's wedding, I do not remember, but it was not real pretty and fabulous. In general, a wedding is perfect. I hope soon I will have to go to the wedding.

4. Which party won the last general election in your country?

Which party won the last general election in your country? I know it was the party "United Russia." I'm not particularly interested in politics, because I believe that it is a solid choice, and commerce of the people there who do not care about others. And in my guesses when the parties are set, the weight has been decided in advance, as will be more profitable to a particular person.



5. Do you belong to any organization (for example, Greenpeace, etc.)?

Do you belong to any organization?No, I do not belong to any organization, I'm not ready for that. But I maintained. Green Peace organization. I like their goal is to reach a solution to global environmental problems. And I love that this organization are funded by donations of people and they do not accept financial help government agencies or political parties.


6. What do you think is the best form of communication? e-mail, phone, or text-message?

What do you think is the best form of communication? e-mail, phone, or text-message? I believe that the best of these forms of communication is by phone. Since a text message can not be so clearly express their emotions and show intonation. But the text message is also very healthy for no more dialogue.


Task № 16.


1) I think it has to gifts  her a large  toy or a piece of jewelry. After all, girls are so fond of it! And of course the flowers. It will be very nice.
2) Of course you should tell your friend about the missing cat. There is nothing to worry about. Even if for a day, you will not find it, and do not get excited. Cats can be very long sleep in a safe place.
3) If you are confident in your friend and trust him completely, then lend him money. People you do not trust or know the bad do not give money. So they can "sit on your neck," or they do not return for a long time.
4) Yes, I agree the gym is not enough. But you can do the exercises at home. There are so many video courses on the Internet.

 Task №17



1)What would you do if a bear attacked you?

 I don't know what to do in this situation, because if bear attacks you, you have almost no chances

2)What would you do if you saw a snake?

If I will see a snake, I freeze in place and hold until she leaves.

3)What would you do if you lost your passport on holiday?

I will try to find it, if i will have fail, i try to restablish it.

4)What would you do if you forgot your best friend's birthday?

 I cant forget about my best friend birthday, but if it happens i will call him immidiately and congratulate him.

5)What would you do if you were late for an important meeting?

 It is better to come later rather than not come.



Task №18.

1) I think the best age for marriage is 25-28 years. At this age, people have a good education, and as a rule they have good job. I think it's a perfect age to marry.

2) I have recently lost in metro.Firstly, I went to the wrong line. Secondly,missed my stop . I am always lost in metro and don't know where to go. I dont like to go on metro.

3)Recently, I very often get angry. I do not know why, perhaps I want to the sea. I am angry by trifles. Only sweets or chocolates can help me.





Task № 19.



From: Maria Nikolaeva

To: Daniel

Subject: to visit my country

Hi Daniel!

Thank you for your recent letter.

I am very glad that you want to visit my gorod.Na my opinion the most successful
month to visit Russia this May. The weather is warm but not hot and the amazing beauty of nature.
Moscow is an incredibly large and beautiful city. 11 million people live here. I think that 2-3 weeks will be enough to see all the interesting places in the city of Moscow. I can tell you where to go when you come to us.

 This is the Moscow Kremlin, Red Square, Arbat, Bolshoi theatre, Tsaritsyno, Exhibition Center, Sparrow Hills, Victory Park. Also in Moscow, there are many museums and theaters for every taste.
I believe that Moscow is conveniently auteshestvovat by car, but we have a very large plugs. I prefer to only ground transportation.
I can advise you a few hotels in Moscow. This is the "Space", "Marriott Grand Hotel," "Beijing".
Hope to see you soon!
With best regards,



Task № 20.


-Good day! Can I help you?

- Good day! I'm a little cold. Do you have something that I can take?

- Of course! What symptoms do you have?

- I have a cold and a sore head and throat.

- Oh, all right! Are you allergic to any pills?

- No, I'm not allergic.

-Here's a drop in the nose, throat lozenges and antiviral pills.

- How much should I take?

- You have to take nose drops every 2 hours or every 3 hours sucking on lollipops. A virus pill taken once a day.

- Well, thank you!

- If you do not feel better, you should see your doctor.

- Of course! How much do they cost?

- $ 18, please!

- Here you are. Thanks for the help!

- No problem, you can not! I hope you'll feel better!


Comments (7)

Tanya Bunakova said

at 11:33 pm on Mar 13, 2013

Task 1
- My friends who have already jumped with a parachute said to me that it was great
- I hope, this summer my fear will leave me and I will do it too!
- not very pleasant to look at but I like riding them very much
- This is my best memory from my trip to Tunis
- If you will go to African countries make sure to ride a camel
- to go to a grocery store
- I bought everything she asked me to and went home happily
- But next day we found out that yoghurts which I had bought
-I was very upset that the shop assistance had not warned me about the tainted products.
- Most of my time I spend
- I come home at 4 pm. It's intolerable
- I didn't understand, so rephrase: After that i can let me some recreate.

Task 2.
- I’m a student of Moscow
- What did you mean by: 'honey person'?

Tanya Bunakova said

at 11:59 pm on Mar 13, 2013

Masha, tasks 2 and 4 should be recorded on http://vocaroo.com/

Tanya Bunakova said

at 12:29 am on Mar 18, 2013

Task 3
-the capital of Russia
-what do you mean by: 'In Moscow has 9 stations.'
-are on the list of UNESCO...
-the weather
-it is very hot
-it rains a lot instead of 'falls very much...'
-it's very rainy in autumn
-and the weather is always nasty
-this time of the year
-'very' can't be used with 'beautiful'
-Moscow is a wonderful city
-it has an incredibly...
-this city is also culturally...
-attractions that can't be visited...
-they are distinguished by...

Tanya Bunakova said

at 12:30 am on Mar 18, 2013

Task 4 should be recorded orally on http://vocaroo.com/
-How to get to a museum?

Tanya Bunakova said

at 12:31 am on Mar 18, 2013

Task 5
- I not 'i'
-for not 'fore'
-what did you mean by 'to do all my case'

Tanya Bunakova said

at 9:40 am on May 7, 2013

*It's an oral task, you have to record it on vocaroo.com or your mobile device

Task 6
-What is the best piece of classical music you've ever heard?
-in my opinion it IS the most beautiful piece of classical music I've ever heard
-What is the most unforgettable performance you've ever seen?
-The most unforgettable performance in my life is Cirque du Soleil
-this is A very beautiful show with tremendous actors.
-Spain is the most interesting country I've ever visited.
-It has a very good climate, remarkable nature, fine cuisine.
-What is the hottest country you have ever been to?
-The hottest country I've visited is Tunisia.
-it is the most exciting country of all Arab countries
-and it is the biggest one.
-Tunisia Has the scorching sun of Sahara, palm trees, pleasant aromas of various flowers, historical sights, nice cities and the villages, the purest sea, and sandy beaches.

*It's nice that you've also uploaded the pictures, well-done!

Tanya Bunakova said

at 12:54 am on Jun 24, 2013

Masha, you haven't done all the oral tasks! Oral tasks: 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20

You don't have permission to comment on this page.