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TASK 1-1 
Write about
a) one thing you've never done but would like to do;
I have never done banjo jumping! Two years ago during summer holidays I was with mom in Spain. And there we went to huge aqua park. Just in front of it was banjo jumping site. I wanted very much to try it but then we did not have enough time. And mom was not happy with this idea.
b) one thing you've done many times and advise everyone to do;
I have gone into fitness many times. This means every week and at least two times. Fitness has helped me to be in good shape and in good mood. There are instructors that you can consult with. After fitness exercises swimming and sauna are very nice to relax. So I will advise everyone to do.
c) one thing you've done recently;
Recently I have celebrated my birthday. This means I had organized my birthday event so that all my friends have enjoyed greatly. It was a nice place, lot of dancing and much fun. 
d) one thing are you spending more or less time on than two years ago.
Two years ago I was spending more time meeting friends and going out and about. Now I am spending less time on this. I am spending more time at home, more time with my girlfriend. And at this time I am spending more time on catching up with my studies.

TASK 1-2
My name is Peter Nalepin. I am nineteen years old. I am a Muscovite. I live with my mom and grandma. Now I am a second year student at Moscow City University of Management where I study economics. I know it will not be my future profession but for marketing or public relations it good to have basic knowledge in economics. I am very sociable person, I think I am good at organizing things, communicating and cooperating with people. I have several good friends whom I know from early school years and I am glad that in University I have met new friends.

TASK 1-3
I live in Moscow which is the capital of Russia. It has a population of 15 million people and this is the biggest city of the country. Moscow is a wonderful city, and it's a pleasure to walk around, especially now when Moscow is decorated beautifully for new year and Christmas. There are different areas in Moscow. Zamoskvorechye still has many historical buildings and Moscow City is full of skyscrapers with malls, restaurants and offices. Moscow originally has continental climate but city pollution influences the weather a lot. Winter is not very stable and summer can be rainy and chilly sometimes. But this is not so important after all because Moscow is an extremely interesting place to live. It never sleeps, it is full of events. Everyone can find the place to go and interesting things to do in Moscow.

TASK 1-4
Hi, sorry, can you help me? I am looking for Hermitage Garden. Christmas festival is going on there, as far as I know.
Oh, yes, great place to go for x-Mas gifts. Let me help you. We are not far away actually.
Do you think I can walk there?
It is better to walk. It will be faster. Do you have GPS on?
Yes, but I not good at following it's directions.
No problem. Let me explain you - just go straight along the boulevard till the cross roads. There you turn left crossing the street. Keep going along Karetny Ryad and in 300 meters on your left there be entrance into the garden. 
Oh, great! Looks like it's easy to find and not far away.
So it is. Enjoy your time.

TASK 1-5
This summer I am going to fly to costa del mar in Spain. I was there two years ago, but only for 4 days and with mom. This little place is full of action 24 hours and the best thing to go there is with good bunch of friends. We will be sleeping till noon then will be sending day time at the beach swimming, diving, snacking. And then after tasty seafood dinner in some small street restaurant we will be taking stroll through discos which are numerous in this small town. Like Moscow it never sleeps.

TASK 1-6
Silent hill is the most thrilling film I have ever saw. 
Paris is the most gorgeous city I have ever been to.
Fable is the most engaging game I have ever tried. 
Vyacheslav Datsik is the funniest character I have ever saw in YouTube. 
Dom 2 is the worst tv show I have ever watched.


TASK 1-7
These photos are from my Prague trip last spring. I visited Prague as a member of Moscow University team. It was an exciting trip as it combined studies and traveling and getting acquainted with the country. We were spending quite a lot of time going around Prague. Me and my friends were absolutely fascinated by this fairy tale city. The only problem was that it was unexpectedly cold end of April, so we did some shopping first of all just to get some warm clothes. 

TASK 1-8
1.Do you find it difficult to remember people's names? No, I don't. I practice some good technique to remember a person's name. When I hear name of a person I repeat it several times silently trying to remember this person's appearance and the name together.
2.Do you think it is important to learn to cook? I believe it is important not only for women but for men too. First, when you cook yourself you know what you eat. Second, cooking is great creative process. And third, it is such a pleasure to cook something for your family and make them tasty surprise.
3. Do you think it is possible to learn a foreign language without going to country.? It is possible of course. And there are quite a lot of examples. But now one better not to loose opportunity to learn the language in it's native country. It is faster and easier. 

TASK 1-9
1 A sport you enjoy watching - I am very fond of football and I enjoy watching any international championship
2 Something you love dong in summer - I love going to the beach and spend time swimming, playing beach football or volleyball, playing cards.
3 A country you are interested in visiting - I am very much interested in visiting England, London. But even more I am interested in visiting Universal entertainment park in US, Orlando.
4 something you are thinking of doing this weekend - I am thinking of going to the red square skating ring this weekend. Have never been there - it's time to do it now 
5 something you are not very good at doing - I am not very good at keeping my room tidy and clean. Even when I take the effort it turns back to chaos in five minutes.

TASK 1-10
Hi Danny,
I am Peter. I am from Russia and I am Russian. My name is also typical for Russia though it is originally Greek and in other European languages there variations of this name too. I have just turned nineteen. I live with my small family : mom, granny and tiny funny Chinese breed of a dog. I am a second year student.
I am not very tall. I go to fitness and have good muscular shape. My eye sight is nit perfect but I rarely wear glasses.
I am very sociable person. Hart and soul of any company. Nevertheless I prefer to have not many but very good friends. I have good spence of humor and it helps me in my life.
I am interested in music,films and sports.


TASK 1-11
Shop dialogue
Can I help you?
Yes, I think so. I am looking for sweatpants.
Yes, we have them over here.
I have looked already through this rack. There is no my size, I believe.
Let me see. What size do you need?
Ok, here it is.
Yes, but the color is blue and I am looking for black.
Well, black is only medium. Don't you want to try them on? Sometimes the size that you think wrong may fit you well because of the model. I believe this particular model more or less sizeless.
May be. But do you expect black ones in small size?
We are getting new stock next Tuesday.
Oh, that's a pity - my sports event is this Saturday. Well, may be I try this pair after all. If I buy it but still diced to turn back without wearing of course ... Will you ....
I have to consult the chief manager...for sure you will has to keep the receipt 
I will appreciate if you find out this for me... Thank you 

TASK 1-12
Write a letter
Dear Sir/Madam, 
I am weighting to ask for more information on tennis courses in France. I am particularly interested in private lessons with professional coach. I am nineteen years old and I am a student of Moscow Economic University. During my last years in school I played tennis once a week in a small group with professional coach. And my second language at school was French. So getting sight of your ad I thought it would be great to spend couple of weeks in France refreshing both my tennis skills and my French.
Could you please forward me more detailed information on the courses : dates available in July and August, prices. What are the options for getting accommodation? I would also appreciate if you send me your web address or Facebook contact.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards, Peter Nalepin

TASK 1-13
I enjoy learning English because it is not so difficult for me and not boring. The learning material is good for practical usage. 
I am learning English because it gives me the opportunity to communicate freely with the rest of the world, feel myself confident in any country I go.
I find it more difficult to write in English because it takes more effort to remember spelling and written communication even in Russian required more effort from me. 
I think it is possible to learn more then one language at the same time. It just requires discipline, hard work and a lot of practice for both languages.
At school I was learning French. And eventually I would like to refresh my French and to know it better. It is a beautiful language and also quite international.

TASK 1-14
Dear Mrs. Sanders,
Thank you so much for your reply. I am so happy that I will have an opportunity to stay with your family. Thank you for sending me picture of your family! 
I am arriving to Gatwick airport at 12:00am. No problem for me to take a train to Brighton from there. But I will appreciate if you give me some directions how to get to railway station from airport and were to buy a ticket. My mobile is 0079154853301.
Luckily I do not have any problems with special diets and can eat everything. I did smoke, but have quitted recently. So speaking of sharing a room I have nothing agains good neighbor but prefer he does not smoke. I was actually thinking of staying for three more days after the end of the course, if you do not mind. 
Looking forward to seeing you and your wonderful family soon.
Best wishes, Peter Nalepin 

TASK 1-15
When was the last time you had to make a big decision - It was my decision to stop smoking
What type of information do you often get from internet - I frequently get information for my studies and the world news as I hardly watch TV.
When was the last time you got the invitation to a wedding - I have never been invited to a wedding yet.
Which party won the last general election in your country - it was Edinaya Rossia in xxxx
Do you belong to any organization - no I don't 
What you believe is the best form of communication - I believe it is text message and social networks, Skype is also becoming more and more widespread.

TASK 1-16
1. My advice would be a special evening with a surprise. Invite her to restaurant and between the courses surprise her with a violinist playing just for you two and huge bouquet of her favorite flowers.
2. You definitely should call her as it may be not the first time cat is running away and your friend will know where to look for it.
3. I would agree that it is not the best idea to lend money to friends unless it something that means life or death. A car purchase definitely not the case. If this is a very good friend I would help him to get a bank loan acting as guarantee.
4. First of all be honest with yourself what is the true obstacle: money or laziness. If money, you can buy ticket to gym at special price during special period or just for a month, learn some exercises and continue to do them at home.


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