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1)I never will jump with a parachute, I really want to experience the feeling to fly.

2)advise everyone to do exercises in the morning, after you get her awake.

3)the last time I got into volleyball.

40Now I spend more time with my best friend.


My name is Arseny. I am 19 years old. I am a first year student at the Moscow City University Office of the governments to Moscow. I live in an apartment in Moscow with his parents. In my spare time I practice volleyball. I also love to read a variety of information from the Internet.


This year, my birthday, I'm going to celebrate in a coffee with my friends. I have two of the existing cafe is Comedy Club and Lizoran. I'm going to call me most of my relatives. After the cafe, I'm going to call them bowling or billiards.



I live in the northern district. My area is famous Walk of Fame. It is being actualised two guns, and there is also a bobaubezhische. Every day people come in there and walk.







1) I had to make a big decision at the end of March. I had to decide to go to Prague or not. I decided that I would go and I think that it was the right decision. I hope that I'll have a good time there.


2) Most often I looking for information related to my studies. For example I look up new terms or information for my exams.


3) Last time I was invited to a wedding 2 years ago. It was a wedding of my older brother. It was an awesome and beautiful celebration!


4) The political party "United Russia" won the last general election in to the parliament in my country. According to the majority of people, Russia has no alternative parties.


5) I don't belong to any organization now. But in the future I to belong to an organization which helps poor children in Russia. I think it is important to support children because children are the future of our country.


6) In my opinion, the best form of communication is phone. Because you can get the information quickly. And moreover you can hear the voice of a person and intonation is very important.






1)What would you do if a bear attacked you?

I don't know what to do in this situation, because if bear attacks you, you have almost no chances.


2)What would you do if you saw a snake?

If I will see a snake, I would try to avoid it.


3)What would you do if you lost your passport on holiday?

I will try to find it, if i will have fail, i try to reestablish it.


4)What would you do if you forgot your best friend's birthday?

I cant forget about my best friend birthday, but I think he'd be happy to hear from me congratulations after.

5)What would you do if you were late for an important meeting?

It is better to come later rather than not come.




From: Arseny Matveyev

To: Tom

Subject: to visit my country


Thank you for your recent letter. It was nice to hear from you again. I am very glad that you want to visit my country. I recommend you to visit Russia in the autumn. Especially in September, the weather is warm.

I encourage you to visit Moscow. Especially park Gor. Hope to hear from you soon!

Best wiches,





Customer: Hello! Could you help me please?
Shop assistant: Of course! What can I help you with?
Customer: I want to buy this skirt. But I can’t find the right size.
Shop assistant: Okay, what size do you need?
Customer: Small.
Shop assistant: I’ll go and check the size. It will take a few minutes. Could you wait please?
Customer: Oh, sure.

Shop assistant: I've found your size. Here you are.
Customer: Oh, thank you! Where can I try it on?
Shop assistant: You can do it in the changing room. It’s right in front of you.

Customer: I’ll take it! How much is it?
Shop assistant: 52.99
Customer: It says 49.99!
Shop assistant: Yes, but that doesn't include the sales tax. That’s five point six percent extra.
Customer: Oh, okay. Do you take MasterCard?
Shop assistant: Yes of course!
. . .
Shop assistant: How can I help you? 
Customer: I bought this skirt about 2 hours ago and I’ve decided that this skirt doesn't fit me. 

The manager: What’s the problem?
Customer: I want to have a refund for the skirt.
The manager: To do this you must write an official letter that you want to return a product and want your money back.
Customer: I'll do whatever is necessary for this. 
The manager: Fill in this form here. If you have any questions, please contact me.
Customer: Of course. 

Customer: Everything is ready!
The manager: Could you give it to me please? Do you have the receipt? 
Customer: Yes, here you are.
The manager: Just a minute, please. 

The manager: Here’s your money. 
Customer: Thanks for the help, bye!
The manager: Bye, come again soon.



- Good morning ! Can I help you?
- I have a flue . Do you have something I can take ?
- What symptoms do you have?
-a cough 
- a high temperature



Arseny - Excuse me! I'm lost. Could you tell me how to get to the subway?

Dmitry course. To what station do you need?

Arseny - I need to Timirjazevskoj.

Dmitry-Ok.Prohodite via monorail, then through the underpass and left.

Arseny-How far is it from here?

Dmitry is not far away. you go 5 minutes.

Arseny - Thank you!

Dmitri is not a problem. Have a nice day and enjoy you stay!



2 years ago I was vacationing in Bulgaria in Varna. I was in the camp. It was a memorable time spending abroad. We went boating, swimming, went to discos. In this camp, I won a prize for something that danced STEP.





1.I think that we should always help each other, even if you have a bad relationship with that person.

2.First thing is to make all of their business, and then you can and relax.

3.Vsegda need to help their parents, as they help us through life.

4.I think more should be engaged in, in the future to discover the door.





1. China is the most noteworthy

2.9 company of the most exciting movie

3.Bolgariya is the most beautiful country

4.Moy house haunting, as it looks like the Great Wall of China

5. my family is the most wonderful, that I have





1) I do not like to go shopping alone. Also, if I go shopping with my friends, they can advise me something.

2) I stopped painting because it takes too much time.

3) I love to meet friends in the summer. They and I'm not busy at the time.

4) I'm not very good at singing. I like to sing when I was a kid.

5) I think about the meeting with a close friend this summer. The last time I saw him in December.



1.Yes, I like to learn English

2.I learn English, that-that I need to be for a future profession

3.I think the letter is very difficult to write as it is necessary to observe all the rules of writing

4. Yes, I do. Many people know more than one or two languages​​. This can help them to communicate with foreigners.

5. Yes, I would. I would like to learn Chinese or French



1.My last major decision was when I entered the university, and I was trying to locate it.

2.I mainly watch TV shows and read some interesting articles on the Internet

3.I was never invited to the wedding.

4.I do not know how to be a single Russian

5.I do not belong to any organization



- Good afternoon! Can I help you?


- Good day! I have a bad cold. Do you have something I can take?


- Sure! What symptoms do you have?


- I have a runny nose and a sore throat.


- Oh, okay! Are you allergic to any pills?


- No I'm not allergic.


- It's "Snoop" -  nose drops. And it's "Ingalipt" - a throat spray. These will make you feel better.


- How many do I have to take?


- You should take nose drops once every three hours and the throat spray twice every six hours.


- Ok, thanks!


- If you don't feel better, you should see a doctor.


- Of course! How much are they?


- $10, please!


- Here you are. Thanks for the help!


- No problem, you are welcome! I hope you'll feel better!






Comments (3)

Tanya Bunakova said

at 11:50 pm on Jun 5, 2013

Task 1
Please read the task more attentively, answer in full sentences, there are grammar, lexical and logical mistakes.
Task 2
Check the name of our university on its web-site. Your answer is too short. Besides, task 2 must be done orally.
No. 5
Be more careful, check it again for grammar and lexical mistakes.

Tanya Bunakova said

at 12:26 am on Jun 24, 2013

Arseniy, I've received only three oral tasks from you. Very well, but where are the others?

Tanya Bunakova said

at 12:53 am on Jun 24, 2013

Oral tasks: 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20

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