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International Relations, 5th year (redirected from International Relations, 4th year)

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Welcome back!
We are starting with Ireland this term. 

Please note that your timetable has changed:
11 September - 1st, 2nd classes
25 September - 1st, 2nd classes
16 October - 1st, 2nd classes
23 October - 3d, 4th classes
30 October - 3d, 4th classes
6 November - 1st, 2nd classes
13 November - 3d, 4th classes
27 November - 3d, 4th classes
4 December - 3d class (consultation)
11 December - 1st, 2nd classes (exam)

Homework for 11 September: 
1. Read chapters 1, 2 in the book;
2. Get ready to speak about Ireland in general and its geography and nature (presentations, reports, be creative) in particular.

After discussing Ireland we'll start getting ready for your exam 
(revising material about the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and Ireland) 
which you are to take on 11 December.

Attendance (Classes 1, 2):


    4 Sep. 4 Sep.
1 Lera x x
2 Yura x x
3 Rita x x
4 Vika    
5 Irina    
6 Ann    
7 Nastya    



  Here are the results of our brainstorming session answering the question: 
What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Ireland? 

Then we listened to the following text about a town in Ireland (Limerick) 

and that's what we created as a result:

 Then we read and discussed the following text:

                                                                                                                  Here are the new words from the audio and the text: 




Ann, thank you for the nice video about Canadians:


Canada and Russia
 share many common opportunities and challenges. 
We have a long history of cooperation on issues including science,
 energy, environmental protection and sustainable economic development.
Read more about it!
The Foreign Policy of Canada
Foreign relations of Canada.doc 
About Canada in Russian.doc 
How to Move to Canada
Information about famous Canadians

Famous Canadians.doc


Top Ten Myths About Canada and Canadians.doc



Citizenship and Immigration Canada




система судов Канада.docx




смешные законы Канады.doc



Guy Laliberté  is a Canadian entrepreneur, philanthropist, poker player, space tourist, co-founder and the current CEO of Cirque du Soleil

Guy Laliberté.doc




Quizlet set American Press added by Lera:


Have you ever wondered, how Canadian and American systems of government differ?

If the answer is Yes - follow the link below!


10 points to compare! 10 tips to get! 20 facts tp remember!





Here is the crossword!

The key and the questions are in the file below.

Hope, you'll have fun!





Ira, Lera and Yura, thank you for the excellent work today! You were really creative and being with you was great fun!

I'd like to thank Ira for her consistency and diligence. She's the only one who has read the whole text in the text book and found new words. This resulted in the following Quizlet Set:

Yura, thanks for your nice report about the best ever hockey player! It was evident how inspired you were. Please add it here.

Lera, thanks for diversity and an opportunity to move around as well as for the very exciting report comparing the two Government systems in the US and Canada.

Lera, please add the questions here.

Thanks again!



Check out the presentation about one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Vancouver. 











Canada is so large and so unknown!


Find out some information about it's political structure and interesting facts in the following file 

Provinces and territories of Canada.docx


and on the special websitehttp://canada.gc.ca/othergov-autregouv/prov-eng.html


Check your knowledge with the help of the quiz below:

Canada Territories Quiz.doc

Aelita Andre is the youngest artist in the world. She is 5 years old. You can watch how she paints:


Aelita Andre.doc Aelita Andre.ppt 



Dear friends!

Happy to share one more wonderful site for learning new words with you!

It makes many routine things more interesting & interactive.

Visit it following the link below and enjoy yourselves!




Australian Great Barrier Reef is to be among the natural wonders of the world!

Just have a look and you would certainly love it!


Great Barrier Reef.pptx







Dear Frends!
 I want to share with you some information about healthcare systeme in Australia!



How do the Australians get educated?

Do they go to kindergartens? How do they prepare for school? What school can they attend? Where to get the tretiary education?


The answers could be found in the following files.

And don't miss the chance
to have a look at the presentation!


Education in Australia.docx

Australian education.potx       

  One of the important industries in Australia is wine industry


Australia's wine industry.doc



One of the Australian outstanding politicians,
former Treasurer
and Prime Minister, holding his office during 5 terms 11 years 268 days

John Winston Howard!

Find out some info about his childhood, early political career and significant deeds during his prime ministry!


John Winston Howard.docx



Information about Australian political system and political parties 


Politics of Australia.doc




Do you know anything about Australian Prime Minister? Read information about Julia Gillard's career and about her personal life!


Julia Gillard.doc



Australia is an amazing country!

The same are the stories and facts about it.


Crocodile Slams Into Tree
Who do you think was more scared? The Australian family camping in Kakadu National Park who woke up when a three metre crocodile tried climbing up on their tent? Or the crocodile, when the family started screaming?

The poor croc turned straight around and raced back towards the water, unfortunately overlooking the tree in its way. The tree lost a fair bit of bark and there were two big wet circles where the croc's nose had slammed into the tree...


Find some other facts in the the following file:


Interesting Facts About Australia.docx


Usuful information!!!


Countries & Nationality.doc


State of South Australia, and the capital of it is Adelaide


South Australia.ppt South Australia, Adelaide.doc



Find a visa which is right for you


Australia Travel Visa.doc



Read interesting facts about Australian Continent!


Australian Facts.doc



An unknown and far-away land. What do we know about it?

Here you can find some information about one of its most misterious states -
State of Tasmania.

Don't miss teh chance to get to know it closer. Surely you will find many interesting things!








The first materials this term have been added by Nastya. Thank you! Here they are:

Australia .docx  + Australia.m4a




Irina Kosmynina's comments about a round table in the American Center, Moscow:

On Friday May 25 I took part in an interactive round table with 12 State University of New York students in the American Center, Moscow. These students have won in a competition at their University getting an opportunity to stay in Moscow for a month. They had already seen a lot in Moscow and they were planning to have many excursions. The students are majoring in International Relations, Political Science, Biology and Anthropology. At each table there were 3 Americans students and others were the Russians. So everybody could ask questions about American lifestyle and American students also asked us some questions about our interests in music, sports and how we understand “the Russian Dream”. I got acquainted with three American students. One of them is studying Russian language and so she shared with us her impression of Pushkin’s writing. I asked them about their studies, their attitude to American Policy in Afghanistan, and what they thought about the Russians, if they wanted to live in other cities or countries rather than in America, what second language they had. We also discussed American and British accents. And to be honest, there were some moments when Americans students were talking very quickly and it was difficult to understand them. But I am glad that I have visited this meeting because I spoke English with native speakers for 2 hours, found new friends and had fun. So don’t miss such interesting opportunity in the future!


And here are some interesting videos for you:


A day in the life of a Homeless Family

A brief documentary about the life of a family living out of their van. Husband pregnant fiance and child all in the same van. Takes place in San Diego 



The Face of Family Homelessness - A short film about Family Homelessness

Meet the families of Compass Community Services and get insight to the growing problem of family homelessness from prominent SF officials like SF mayor, Gavin Newsom




Some performances of an American stand-up comedian, social critic, satirist George Karlin, famous for his black humour.





Saving the Planet 

Airplane Safety


A place for my stuff


The American dream




Dear friends!

Here is the most interesting information about the ways to find a good job in the US and some peculiarities of American work environment, salaries and working hours!






You don't still know much about the American pre-school education system? You wonder where you can live in the US being a student? You know nothing about their transport system?


Find all the answers in the following files:








 Do you know what houses Native Americans had?

Different houses of Native Americans.doc



Some information about homeless statistics and ways how to prevent homelessness in America


poverty in America.doc



Here is the book posted by Vika:


and one more post by Vika:




American family.

It doesn't stay the same, it changes according to the running times.

Find out some trends in the American family and interesting facts about their housing with the help of the following files:





On April 15. all the orthodox believers celebrated the great feast - Easter.

We all think that we know much about it but
do we really

Check your knowledge with a short Easter test right now!

You will find the right answers in the end.

Easter Quiz.docx  



Have you always thought, that muppets are only for children?

Here is the central fan site of the well-known Muppet Show to shutter your prejudice! There you can find a lot of interesting information about the show and its heroes.


Watch the episodes and enjoy yourself!

Season 1: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1DB2A2CDC89FC214&feature=plcp

Season 2: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB55BAE8492B5E821&feature=plcp

Season 3: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCA59AC73348689A3&feature=plcp



Some information about Ambrose Bierce


Ambrose Bierce.doc ,Aphorisms of Ambrose Bierce.doc




Television set.doc

The list of American TV shows in Russian.doc

Dear Nastya,

Thank you for uploading your first files on the site!


New York.ppt

The Statue of Liberty is a colossal neoclassical sculpture on Liberty Island in New York Harbor.docx

*You can also edit the front page by the way.



Follow the American Centre Calendar here:




Dear All!

Thanks for your active participation on the web-site, for uploading the materials (Vika, Ira, Lera, Ann) and editing the Front Page (Ira, Lera)! You've done a great job!

See the new materials:

Funny State Laws In The USA.docx

US Laws to Know.docx

The French Republic.docx

Education in Britain and America.docx

English names.doc




Dear Friends!

Have you ever wondered, what categories of laws there are in the USA? No?


Never heared of Blue Laws and would like to know in what situations they are applied?

Still thinking that Parkinson's Law is something connected with illnesses?

You are scared to know what Murphy's Laws are 'cause suppose they are about English grammar?


You are welcome to find the answers in the following document!

US Laws to Know.pptx


Those who are interested especially in Murphy's Laws can follow the link below:




 Dear Students, if you are interested in one of the most famous organization of the Civil War in the USA , let's see presentation and text about it Ku-Klux-Klan.pptKu Klux Klan (текст к презентации).doc 


And also some interesting websites for people who learns English

Интересные ссылки.doc  







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